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Dalton “Too Strong” Taylor is the kind of man most fighters aspire to become.  Currently on a 2-0 streak, Dalton Taylor is bringing an intensity and pace to MMA that the heavyweight division has never witnessed.  Just two fights into his career he is already drawing attention, not just from the MMA community, but from everyone he meets.

People are paying attention to the inspirational energy that he exudes with every fight.  Behind every punch, throw, and submission there is an understanding that fighting is about more than winning.  It’s about pushing through the challenges the world puts in front of you.  It’s about achieving your full potential and not stopping when things get difficult.

Fighting is a way of life for Dalton. It always has been. From a young age, Dalton was certain that he was destined for great things. But the world around him was not great. He understood that he would need to be stronger than the forces holding him back. There’s no doubt the intense pressure of poverty, violence, and loss have shaped him into the fighter he is today. But none of those things were able to stop him.


“...fighting is about more than winning. It’s about pushing through the challenges the world puts in front of you.”


Dalton learned to thrive on nothing, believing that one day he would have everything.  For Dalton, poverty was more than a mindset.  It was the food he didn’t eat, the education he didn’t receive, and the parents he rarely saw.  Most fighters will tell you they’re hungry, but do they really know what it’s like to hunger for victory?

Learning to fight was inevitable for Dalton.  Violence is in his world wasn’t just a headline on the news.  It was raw knuckles and busted lips.  It was houses paid for with guns and needles.  It was friends who went for walks and never made it home.  Most fighters enter the octagon seeking violence.  Dalton fights to make sure him and his family never see real violence again.


“No man will ever hit ME as hard as the death of my wife.

A fight is one man, in a cage, for one night.

My wife and I waged a war against cancer for years.”


Arrogance and laziness are often the greatest threats to naturally gifted people.  It took a series of hard failures for Dalton to see that for himself.  He saw opportunities vanish and had nobody to blame but himself.  But for a great fighter, failure is temporary.  He embraced a lifestyle of improvement, of making every day better than the last.  That mindset is at the core of the Too Strong mentality.  He knows the only opponent that can beat him is the man looking back in the mirror, and Dalton is winning that fight every single day.

Dalton Taylor doesn’t stop, he doesn’t quit.  He knows that life has given him every tool he needs to be great.  He owes it to himself and to his wife to see his journey through.  And that’s exactly what he’ll do, no matter who or what stands in his way.

Dalton “Too Strong” Taylor is a fighter.


“Too Strong”


Height: 6 ft. 2 in

Weight: 255 lbs.


Waimanalo, Hawaii

Raleigh, NC, USA

Team: Forged Fitness

Head Coach: Billy Dowey

Record: 2-0-0

16 March 2019

Fight For It V

Marquell Fullwood-Jones


Win: Decision (Unanimous)

02 February 2019

Next Level Fight Club 10

Gabe Tayara


Win: TKO R2 2:59