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Alex is my why.

We’ve been each other’s strength every moment of every day since the moment we met.

She lets me see with her eyes when mine are blind.

She lets me speak with her voice when I can’t find words.

She lets me feel with her heart when mine is locked away

She lets me dream of a better world, when I only dream of myself.

Alex passed on April 27, 2018. But passing is not the end for a wife like Alex.

Her will and energy are too strong for that. I still see the world through her eyes. Her voice is always with me. I still love as deeply as she did.

And our dream? It has become more than just a dream.

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Our dream was that one day we would win the UFC Championship. And through that win we would inspire, empower, and strengthen others. Our own experiences taught us to fight and we dream that one day we will be strong enough to fight for others.

Before she passed, I made a promise. I would see the dream through. I am going to win the UFC championship. But the dream was bigger than that - and so is the promise.

With her vision, her voice, her heart, and my will to fight we will build the TST Nation. We will provide a place for people who need real hope, real support, and real connections. We will build the TST Nation so that nobody ever has to fight alone.

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