TST Launches Impact Meals Pilot in Raleigh, NC

On Wednesday I’ll be launching Impact Meals. Impact Meals is a weekly or monthly meal plan service that provides clean, healthy, ready to (h)eat meals at a price that normal people can afford.

The Impact Meals team already has a full slot of first-month subscriptions, but we’d still like to get 10 people from the TST Nation into the pilot program. We’re doing this for you guys, so we want your feedback in the early stages of the company.

Food is just as important to me as fighting. Food is about life, family, and health. It’s everything. And it’s important that when you love food as much as I do, you have a way to eat clean and eat as often as you need.

I’m lucky to have the time, education, and resources to eat clean and eat ogften. But not everyone is as fortunate. My dream is that Impact Meals can become a solution for people who are frequently making the choice between eating unhealthy food or not eating at all.

Together we’ll make eating clean as easy and affordable as fast food.