Major Sponsor “The Neighborhood” Joins TSTNation

We’re excited to announce the official partnership between Dalton “Too Strong” Taylor and The Neighborhood Sports Bar & Arcade of Cary, NC.

This will be the official location to watch Live Streamed TST fights going forward.  Mark the next fight on your calendar for September 28th.  Fights start at 7pm!  Let the bartenders know you’re there to support TST! Address is 301 North Harrison Avenue, Cary, North Carolina 27513.  Hope to see you there!  Look for folks wearing official TST gear!

As you all know, TST loves a high-energy positive vibe and The Neighborhood doesn’t disappoint.  It’s a fun atmosphere filled with Pinball, Ski Ball, Pool, and some giant-sized bar games you’ll have to see to believe! This is the Triangle’s Best Adult Playground.  Definitely come check out the games, the food, and the drinks!

Check out this message from TST and Jared, co-owner of The Neighborhood!

TST wants to thank Jared and Mike for their support.  These guys are fight fans through and through.  There wouldn’t be a TST without sponsors like these guys to help cover the cost of gear, travel, licensing, and training.

If you’re interested in partnering with TST as a sponsor please contact us directly.  You can reach the management team at or (919) 841-2712.